Janelle Constance
Art Teacher

Janelle Constance



Google Class Code: bjagpqg

I am from Colorado Springs, CO, born and raised. My mother and grandmother were both teachers which inspired me to become a teacher myself. I went to college to become an animator, but soon decided that I would much rather be a teacher. So, I switched colleges and became an art teacher. That was the best decision for me to make. I love teaching art and seeing what young artists are capable of creating. In my free time, I still love to make art in the form of hand lettering, painting, chalk art, or any other random craft I happen upon today. I also love playing the piano, learning Spanish, learning to play the cello, and taking naps. I love teaching at Oakland and seeing how much our beautiful students have grown over the years. I am excited to be part of the amazing Oakland Village for another year!