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Welcome To Oakland Elementary

Dear Oakland Students and Parents/Caregivers:


I hope this letter finds you and your families well during this time. We know that our families are experiencing this world-wide crisis in different ways. We are committed to support you to the best of our abilities.

This week our district has made the decision to adjust our grading policies for the spring 2020 semester. We will continue having high expectations for all of our students – while being understanding of all of the different circumstances each family is facing.

What is the grading policy for students in ECE-5th grade at Oakland?

Instead of numerical grades, all ECE-5th grade students’ report cards will have qualitative descriptive feedback about how a student has or has not demonstrated understanding of the “critical learning” for the grading period in each content area.

What does descriptive feedback mean?

      • narrative of engagement and participation
      • identification of student’s strengths and areas for improvement
      • next steps for summer


Descriptive feedback should be tied to grade-level “critical learning”

  • What does “Critical Learning” mean?
      • Major standards that will support learning for the next grade

This decision aligns with other metro Denver school districts and considers feedback from national assessment experts.

Tips for Remote Learning

  • Have your school schedule in a visible area at home
  • Review your school schedule the night before
  • Attend school lessons every day on time
  • Turn in your school work on time
  • Check your teacher’s feedback daily
  • Make the necessary changes in your assignments to demonstrate mastery of the standard/s. Use the teacher’s feedback to make the appropriate changes to your school work.
  • Send your assignment back to the teacher.
  • If you need help, use your teacher’s office hours for help or clarification.

We are happy to serve our community every day. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at gabriela_quirogachavez@dpsk12.org. To set up a virtual meeting please contact our Office manager at kiesha_jhonson@dpsk12.org

With compassion,

Gabriela Quiroga-Beck

Acting Principal

Oakland Elementary

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